Regulations for using the Archives Library

1. Archival library documents shall be accessible for research purposes to all, except for materials to which access is restricted (archival copies, digitized documents, publications in need of restoration, unorganized materials).

2. Archival copies shall be used for research purposes only with the permission of the Head of the Department.

3. Archival library is open on working days from 9 AM to 5 PM, on Friday from 9 AM to 4.30 PM, documents can be ordered from the funds no later than half an hour before the closing of the library. To use the documents, contact the catalog room lender (room 109).

4. When registering as an archive library reader, a reader card must be filled, in which the name and contact details and the research topic must be indicated. When signing the card, the reader undertakes to follow the procedure for the use of collections established by the Estonian Literary Museum and the Archival Library and the laws of the Republic of Estonia (Public Information Act, Copyright Protection Act, etc.). Archival library ensures the protection of readers' personal data.

5. Documents are lent only to registered readers of the archive library on the basis of wish tables. Completed wish sheets are handed over to the lender or placed in a box provided.

6. On each visit to the archive library, the reader is obliged to register in the researcher's record book.

7. Documents can only be used on site in the archive library reading room (room 102), they are not rented out of the museum. Exceptionally, the employees of the Estonian Literary Museum are allowed to bring duplicate publications to their workspace in agreement with the lender.

8. In special cases (scanning, microfilming, photography, exhibitions), the documents of the collection of duplicates will be deposited in other museums and libraries with the consent of the head of AR, on the basis of a letter of guarantee from the applicant and a temporary publication deed approved by the Director of VAT.

9. Before use, the documents must be provided with the stamp, inventory number and place reference of the Archival Library. If a replacement copy of the publication is available (digital copy, microfilm, photocopy, CD, DVD, etc.), they are used. The borrower is obliged to check the condition of the document before giving it to the reader and after returning it.

10. Documents must not be damaged. The user is obliged to return the document in the same condition as he received it. The reader is obliged to notify the lender of any deficiencies that have become apparent during the use of the document. The damage caused must be compensated in accordance with the decision of the VAT evaluation committee. The head of the archive library may deprive a person who has violated the procedure for the use of archive library of the right to use the materials. The reader may appeal the decision to the director of the Estonian Literary Museum.

11. The reader is prohibited from bringing personal books and folders into the reading room without the permission of the lender. The accompanying folders, briefcases and large bags must be left in the designated place in the catalog hall.

12. Violation of silence, use of mobile phones, eating and drinking are prohibited on the library premises.

13. In order to re-publish documents, permission must be requested in writing from the Director of the archive library and the laws in force in the Republic of Estonia must be observed. When publishing, reference must be made to the Archival Library as a repository of materials, using the correct reference system. The publisher is obliged to submit to archive library at least one copy of the publication in which the library materials have been published.

14. Copies of archive library materials can be ordered if copying is possible (see ordering copies, price list).