Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What rules do I have to follow when visiting the Estonian Literary Museum?

We kindly ask you to call or send an e-mail in advance and let us know about your arrival and research wishes: 
archive library, phone 7377710,
cultural history archives, phone 7377720,
department of folkloristics, phone 7377735,
folklore archive, phone 7377730,

  • To protect your health and limit the spread of the virus, please come to the Estonian Literary Museum with a mask.
  • When buying books and paying for copies, please use a bank card.

The exhibition halls are closed.

Can I have my own personal old books or manuscripts restored at the Literary Museum?

The Estonian Literary Museum does not currently offer restoration services to individuals.


How much does it cost to use the Estonian Literary Museum’s hall?

Please write to


If I find errors on the website, who can I report?

We are very grateful if you report any errors in the website, including spelling errors, incorrect display of the page content and non-functioning of the functionalities. All technical issues can be reported at All content regarding suggestions are welcome at


Who is the author of the website design and logo?

The author of the new visual identity of the Estonian Literary Museum is the graphic designer and co-owner of Tuumik Stuudio OÜ Martin Eelma. The design and prototype of the website was created in 2019 by Ilona Kolossova, junior software developer at the Literary Museum, on the basis of a visual identity or style book developed in Tuumik Studio in cooperation with Urmas Sutrop, the director of the institution, and the IT working group. The website was developed in 2019 by Web Expert OÜ.