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Merike Kiipus
Merike Kiipus
In the Director's duties (1,0)

Financial workers

Margit Avarmaa
Margit Avarmaa
Financial Manager (1,0)

Administration Department

Margus Peet
Administrative Manager (1,0)
Inga Ivanova
Sales and Storage Specialist (1,0)
Jürgen Alliksaar
Technician (0,3)
Helle Tuvi
Cleaner (1,0)
Rein Närska
Guard (0,45)

IT Department

Ilona Kolossova, foto autor Alar Madisson
Ilona Kolossova
Software Developer (1,0)
Mihkel Tsäko, foto autor Alar Madisson
Mihkel Tsäko
Junior Software Developer (1,0)
Jüri Rui, foto autor Alar Madisson
Jüri Rui
Help Desk Specialist (1,0)

Archival Library

Merike Kiipus
Head of Department (1,0)
General analytical retrospective bibliography of Estonian journalism
Ave Pill
Head Librarian (1,0)
Periodicals in Estonian and foreign languages, old book
Ülvi Kalpus
Senior Librarian (1,0)
Older Estonian book
Kristin Liba
Senior Librarian (1,0)
Estonian and foreign language print
Helle Maaslieb
Helle Maaslieb
Project Manager (1,0)
Estonian book
Olga Sudajeva
Senior Librarian (1,0)
Baltica, map collection
Hanna Väli
Senior Librarian (0,8)
Mariliis Õunapuu
Senior Librarian (0,3)
Jaanus Tordik
Jaanus Tordik
Bookbinder-restorer (1,0)
Tiiu Lepasepp
Tiiu Lepasepp
Restorer (1,0)
Kaja Marga
Digitiser (1,0)
Marje Mehine-Merilainen
Librarian (0,7)
Estonian print

Bibliography Department

Kaie Oks
Senior Librarian (0,8)
Estonian and foreign language publications (baltica and memorial collections). articles
Ülle Tamm
Senior Bibliographer (1,0)
General analytical retrospective bibliography of Estonian journalism

Cultural History Archives

Head of Department (1,0)
Estonian literature in the 19th and 20th centuries, biography, manuscript collection
Senior Archivist (1,0)
Manuscripts, photo and art collection
Archivist (1,0)
käsikirjade kogu
Irma Pilt
Archivist (1,0)
Mari Õunapuu
Archivist (1,0)
Alar Madisson
Photographer (1,0)
Digital Archivist (1,0)
Kreutzwald´s century, databases, digital archiving, digitization of manuscripts
Ülle Kaart
Assistant (1,0)

EKLA cultural history sources and literature working group

Extraordinary Senior Researcher (0,25)
Extraordinary Senior Researcher (0,75)
Marin Laak
Senior Researcher (1,0)
Literary relations, digital humanities; Methis magazine, Kreutzwald century, Kalevipoeg
Senior Researcher (1,0)
History of Estonian literature, cultural history of the Soviet period, autobiography
Senior Researcher (1,0)
Estonian western diaspora culture, acculturation, autobiography
Senior Researcher (1,0)
Exile literature, autobiographical writing, Bernard Kangro, collection of manuscripts
Editor (1,0)
Estonian 20th century theater history, databases (ELLEN), Kaarel Ird, publications

Estonian Folklore Archives

Head of the Archives, Senior Researcher (1,0)
fairy tale theory, modern storytelling tradition, folklore historiography
Kaarel Veskis
Extraordinary Junior Researcher (0,8)
Senior Research Fellow, Leader of the Research Group (1,0)
Folklore poetics
Aado Lintrop
Senior Research Fellow (0,5)
Siberian shamanism, religions of the eastern Finno-Ugric peoples
Senior Research Fellow (1,0)
The connection of music, language and group identity, history of Estonian ethnomusicology
Research Fellow(1,0)
History of collecting and researching folk medicine, history of folkloristics
Senior Research Fellow (1,0)
Older folk song and music, audio archives
Astrid Tuisk
Research Fellow (1,0)
Modern children's lore, games, folklore of Siberian Estonians
Research Fellow (1,0)
Popular music, sacred folk music
Project Manager (0,4)
Local lore; holy and burial places

Sound studio

Sound Engineer (1,0)
helisalvestuste konserveerimine ja digitaliseerimine

Department of Folkloristics

Eda Kalmre
Senior Researcher (1,0)
today's legends, album verses
Head of Department, Lead Research Fellow, Head of the Centre of Excellence for Estonian Studies (CEES) (1,0)
Spells and mediums, folk religion, modern folklore and traditional healers
Lead Research Fellow (1,0)
Scandinavian sagas, ancient settlement
Senior Researcher, Managing Director of CEES (1,0)
Short forms of folklore, school lore, sports folklore
Senior Researcher (1,0)
Folk religion and stories, modern folklore
Researcher (1,0)
Udmurt folk religion, language and folklore


Relationship between man and nature in folk religion, formation and telling of folk tales
Estonian biographies, literary criticism, cultural history
Typology of archaic folk tunes, traditional music in modern folklore