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The Museum Night at the Estonian Literary Museum


You are welcome to spend a lovely spring evening at the Estonian Literary Museum.

During the Museum Night, we will open up our old and distinguished building.

Amidst the walls of this 130-year-old neoclassical-style building, you will find archives of cultural history and folklore, an archive library, and researchers' workspaces.




Treasure hunt, a dream card catalog, and a thematic photo corner

6:00 PM PJ Valper will lead us into the Museum Night, with musical interludes by Jan Rahman 

6:00 PM, in the hall, Tartu urban writer Maarja Pärtna and literary scholar Krista Ojasaar will engage in a conversation, accompanied by music by Vootele Ruusmaa

 7:00 PM, exploring art at the literary museum: a special tour with Enn Lillemets

8:00 PM: Dance Laboratory "Barefoot"

9:00 PM: Dance party outdoors (in case of rain, indoors)


9:00 PM, during Museum Night, there's an extraordinary opportunity at the literary museum to experience the first art piece of Tartu 2024 main program exhibition "Enter Woodland Spirits" Finnish artist Hans Rosenström's newly created sound installation "Raven's Quill," specifically designed for the archive library, merges worlds of imaginary inter-species vocalizations with tempered choir singing. Someone calls out with a harsh tone from a distant place, someone approaches with soft phrases from the depths...


Admission is FREE!

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