School lore competition for Estonians in Canada

  • 1 Current: General
  • 2 Jokes
  • 3 Fears
  • 4 Celebrations
  • 5 Free time and friends
  • 6 Games
  • 7 Complete

Please answer the questions below using the on-line questionnaire at or submit your answers as a separate file to Remember to include your personal information which will remain confidential. Personal information will not be included in the analysis of answers received, and only the age and gender of those whose responses are published will be listed. When answering concentrate on those themes that interest you most, or what you know most about.

We are also eager to have responses from adults who wish to reflect back on their schooldays when they were young. Please include the location of the school you attended. If you attended a number of schools you are welcome to share memories about all of them if you wish.

PDF file of the questionnaire.

EL Regionaalarengu Fond

How did Canada become your homeland; how long have you lived here; how are you connected to other Estonians in Canada? How often do you visit Estonia?
Describe a favourite memory or interesting story related to Estonia.