Tartu 2024: “Enter Woodland Spirits”

Project members. Photographer: Alar Madisson
Metsavaimud masinas projektitiim. Fotograaf: Alar Madisson, EKM


Enter Woodland Spirits is both a new online anthology of nature folklore complied from the collection of the Estonian Folklore Archive and international art exhibition giving voice to the tales in contemporary cultural society.



In a rapidly evolving digital and technological age, humanity is becoming increasingly detached from nature and ancestral skills. Nevertheless, the values of the Northern and pasture-land regions, including reverences for nature, continue to resonate within us. It is our responsibility to narrate and disseminate this story through artistic works and translations.



The project consists of two intertwined parts.

Firstly, we will create a folklore environment that captures the intricate connection between human beings and nature. This will be accomplished through a combination of written text, sound, photographs, and videos, all of which will be made available online for universal access.

These resources will serve as a lasting supplement for future reference. The Nature Folkore anthology aims to illuminate the folklore collections and their significance in shaping an ecological worldview. It will delve into the mindset of the Northern and pasture-land region people, exploring their utilization of natural resources, the economic aspect involved, and their profound reverence for nature as a living, powerful entity.

Secondly, the exhibition “Enter Woodland Spirits” emerges from a collaboration between artists from the Northern and Baltic regions who embrace the musical essence and reverence for natural lore in their artwork. Drawing inspiration from “The Nature Folklore”, the exhibition offers visitors an immersive experience through interactive installations and other hybrid art forms. These artistic creations transform the exhibition space into atmospheric rooms, enabling multiple ways for visitors to engage with and perceive the art.

The international art exhibition “Enter Woodland Spirits” (the exhibition is open from 28 June until 25 August 2024) centers around a series of inquiries. It seeks to explore how technology-driven art can provide a deeper understanding of the world, rejuvenate folklore concepts, and make the essence of nature tangible and perceptible.




The exhibition, rooted in folklore, establishes an emotional connection that fosters a profound artistic experience. By delving into the realms of ancient wisdom, it aids in the revitalization and reconnection with the significance of traditional knowledge.


Our new online anthology of nature folklore is available here  >>>


Advocates: Taive Särg, Henri Hütt, Ave Goršič, Mathilda Matjus, Evelyn Raudsepp

Technical implementation: Ilona Kolossova

Contact: taive.sarg@kirmus.ee



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