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Rules for ordering copies:

1. Copies are made only under a contract
2. There’s no need for a contract, if your order is under 20 pages or 10 photos 
3. The copies are made by archive workers within 1-5 workdays according to possibilities and the customer’s wishes
4. The period of time for making copies of undigitalized materials is set according to the quantity of the material
5. Quicker making of copies (over 20 digital copies a day or over 100 pages of photocopies)  will cost 50 % more from the original price.
6. Orders that’s exact material is chosen by an archive worker will pay 50 % more from the original price
7. Discount (25%) is made for students and collegians for research and for folklore and EKM researchers.
8. Photocopies aren’t made:
       - of binded books 
       - of archive documents
       - of graphical pages
       - of notes
       - when coping damages the material
9. The material’s condition is evaluated by the archive worker
10.  When the material is already copied, new copy will not be made from the original
11. Photocopies are made only on one side of the paper and the paper has to be from EKM
12. Fully systemized collections aren’t copied 
13. Copies of digitalized text-courpuses have to be confirmed by the leader of the project
14. The customer can pay by card, online or in cash. The copies are handed after the payment.

Price list in Estonian: Tasulised teenused | Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum (

For more information please contact the Archival Library: 7377710,

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