Archival Library

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Arhiivraamatukogu kataloogisaal

Head of Department: Merike Kiipus
Phone: 737 7710
Phone: 737 7711

The Archival Library collects, preserves, and makes accessible to researchers:

  •  all publications in Estonian (regardless of their place of publication);
  • publications about the Baltic countries and/or people who have lived or live here, as well as works published elsewhere written, compiled, or edited by Estonian authors, and the works authored by writers of other nationalities who have lived in the Baltic countries;
  • reference materials on Finno-Ugristics.

The archives collect all kinds of publications – books, periodicals, geographical maps, music, pamphlets, etc. These materials are stored in seven collections.

The publications of the Archival Library can be used only on site.

The reading room of the Archival Library has two authorized workplaces.


Bibliography department


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