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Collection contest “Stories about war”



Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022 media has consistently provided information about the events which have been happening, as well as the Ukrainian refugees and their living situations in Estonia.


However, a lot less attention has been given to how war has impacted Estonians and what role have Estonians played in this war.

The question has to be asked - how has war impacted Estonians and Estonian communities abroad, if it has?


There is no doubt that the Ukrainian war has revived a lot of Estonians' personal as well as family memories from the Second World War, fears associated with war and the tragedy of having to leave their home country.


The Association of Estonian Biographies and Estonian Folklore Archive collection contest “Stories about War” wishes to collect stories regarding the Ukrainian War from the perspectives of different generations. The collection contest's partner is VEMU Estonian Museum Canada. The following questions can be of help for writing Your story:


  1. What do you remember about the beginning of the war?
  2. How did the knowledge of war impact your everyday life?
  3. Do you talk about war with your family? If so, then what topics have been mentioned?
  4. Have you or a member of your family had personal contact with the Ukrainian War? If so, then what was it?
  5. Have you encountered a Ukrainian refugee? If so, then how?
  6. What emotions does the Ukrainian war evoke in you? Have they changed during the course of the war?
  7. If and how does the war impact your everyday life at the moment?


The story can be written in Estonian, Russian as well as in English.


We welcome your stories until the end of the year 2023.


Send your story to the email address:

 elulood@kirmus.ee or piret.noorhani@vemu.ca


More information: Maarja Hollo, maarja.hollo@kirmus.ee

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