Owl chick

Photo by Janno Simm, EKM

Estonian Folklore Archive collection contest “Meetings with wild animals”


Estonian Folklore Archive's 2023 year's collection contest focuses on the relationship between human beings and nature.

Wild animals have an even bigger part of our day-to-day lives than one could assume at first. It has become more common to meet wild animals in an urban environment. One can find a house mouse in their basement, bats in their attic, meet foxes on the streets, it is even possible to encounter squirrels, rabbits and other wild animals in bigger parks and green areas.


Human's attitude towards animals has changed over time and will continue to change. On the one hand, some find that there are too many animals. On the other hand, some note the importance of protecting animals to stop their numbers from decreasing and the ecosystem would maintain its balance.


For the collection contest, we await memories and stories about wild animals.

Contributions can be written in free format or one can choose to answer the questionnaire (the questionnaire is in Estonian).


We await contributions during the year 2023 on the website kratt.folklore.ee, via email to the address kratt@folklore.ee or by mail Tartu 51003, Vanemuise 42 Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum, Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv, using the keyword METSLOOMAD.


In the event of questions or inquiries feel free to contact:

Mathilda Matjus mathilda.matjus@folklore.ee or give a call to Estonian Folklore Archive: + 372 7377730


The questionnaire in Estonian can be found here:


For more information in English >>>


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