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A new special edition of the journal Methis "Translation and Multilingualism" has been published


A new special edition of the journal Methis. Studia humaniora Estonica, vol. 25, issue 31/32 has been published.

Special edition "Translation and Multilingualism".


Guest editors Daniele Monticelli, Maris Saagpakk, and Anna Verschik. Language editor Kanni Labi, chief editor Marin Laak.


The presence of a second language in literary works can range from a single word to long sentences, serving as a tool for shaping both the narrative and the characters or conveying the context of an era. In this special issue of Methis, there are 12 articles from Estonian and international authors exploring the issues of translating multilingual works from various language and cultural perspectives. This is a complex, layered, and intriguing topic that has garnered significant attention in contemporary translation studies. The co-editors Daniele Monticelli, Maris Saagpakk, and Anna Verschik have written a longer theoretical introduction.


In the articles on various topics, discussions include the portrayal of masculinity in Baltic cinema and the reception of Jaan Kaplinski's works in the Swedish cultural space. The "Reviews" section introduces the new academic journal Journal of Literary Multilingualism, and the "Archival Findings" section provides an overview of Ilmar Laaban's translation manuscripts at the Estonian Literary Museum's Estonian Cultural History Archive.


The issue is also available in our  online-store: https://pood.kirmus.ee/

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