Research work of the ELM on the language, folklore and culture of Estonians and other peoples is carried out within research groups and scientific projects.


EKM 8-2/22/1 1 Cultural History and the Archive: Sources, Problems, Perspectives (17.03.2022−31.12.2027)

Principal investigator: Eve Annuk

EKM 8-2/22/3 Folklore and its individual, community based, and institutional mechanisms of transmission (1.01.2022−31.12.2027)

Principal investigator: Mari Sarv

EKM 8-2/20/3 Narrative and belief aspects of folklore studies (1.02.2020−31.12.2027)

Principal investigator: Mare Kõiva

EKM 8-2/23/5 Contemporary crises and their online humorous representations (16.05.2023−15.05.2025)

Principal investigator: Liisi Laineste 


2024 scietific projects under the leadership of the ELM:


PRG 1288 A corpus-based approach to folkloric variation: regional styles, thematic networks, and communicative modes in runosong tradition (01.01.2021–31.12.2025)

Principal investigator: Mari Sarv

TK215 Estonian Roots: Centre of Excellence for transdisciplinary studies on ethnogenesis and cultural diversity (01.01.2024–31.12.2030)

Principal investigator: Mari Sarv

EKKD-III2 Patterns in development of Estonian culture (01.01.2024–31.12.2027)

Principal investigator: Mari Sarv

STP37 How to scale nonscalable: An integrated approach to conservation biology through ethnobiology (01.07.2023–30.06.2025)

Principal investigator:  Raivo Kalle

KUM-TA30 Estonian runosong: A comprehensive compendium (01.01.2024–31.12.2026)

Principal investigator: Mari Sarv

MOBJD1218 Traditional Estonian and Ukrainian Folksongs: Comparative Corpus-Based Computational Analysis (01.12.2023–30.11.2025)

Principal investigator: Olha Petrovych

4.1-3/23/46 Teaching Seto polyphonic singing using alternative notatio (01.05.2023–31.12.2024)

Principal investigator: Janika Oras

8-2/22/4 Global and local elements in contemporary folklore in Hungary and Estonia (01.01.2022–31.12.2024)

Principal investigator: Piret Voolaid

8-2/24/2 Humour and Conflict in the Estonian and Polish Public Sphere (01.01.2024–31.12.2026)

Principal investigator: Liisi Laineste 

8-2/24/3 Nature, religion, and magic. religious notions and new interpretations (01.01.2024–31.12.2025)

Principal investigator: Mare Kõiva

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