Management of the Estonian Literary Museum

The structure of the Estonian Literary Museum (ELM) is composed of research units and archives: the Archival Library, the Estonian Folklore Archives, the Estonian Cultural History Archives, and the Department of Folkloristics. The main activity of the ELM to collect, study, preserve, make accessible and popularise cultural heritage is supported by the administrative unit, IT-unit, specialists in preservation and recording, state-of-the-art digitisation centre (incl. photographic and sound studio), and the ELM Scholarly Press.  


The managing bodies of the ELM are the 10-member council, whose obligations arise from the statutes of the ELM, and the director. As an advisory organ, the ELM has an international advisory board. The everyday work of the ELM is organised by the management led by director.  


The cross-institutional research of the ELM is led by the research director and organised by the research council of the ELM. The academic staff is incorporated into the Centre of Cultural History and Folkloristics, coordinated by the research director and the research council of the ELM. The cross-archives central activities are coordinated by the archives council of the ELM. Research is carried out within the framework of research projects

Activity reports of the ELM.

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